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Types of family offices

It has been acknowledged that there are two basic types of family offices:
1. a single-family office
2. a multi-family office

What is family office?

Family offices are normally private firms that support wealthy families with the management, organization, and maintenance of their wealth, business, investments, and other affairs.

Residency and business set-up in Dubai

An advise on the business set up abroad which would include also the individual residency.

Purchase of the apartment in Dubai

Our UK client for whom we set up a company in Dubai came back to us with a request to assist him with the purchase of an apartment in Dubai Marina.

Slovak residency for a Turkish owner of the business

We set up a business company in Slovakia for an entrepreneur from Turkey to conduct his business already successful in Turkey. The business is thriving …

When to establish your family office?

The ideal time to start a family office would be before a liquidity event such as the sale or purchase of a business for which it is good to have structures set up properly to optimise taxation and management of the capital from the start.

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