Corporate Law

When establishing your business home or abroad or when you need a contract to protect your interests, you need a lawyer. You might go to internet and form a company yourself or download a contract precedent, add your details and use it, but you will then most probably end up visiting lawyer and paying more money for him correcting your mistakes. Do not do this. This is a good advice and for free, I and my colleagues have seen this many times. Instead, let us lawyers do our job we know the best, studied it and were trained for it for many years as you, I am sure, do best your job which you studied and have experience. 

Contact us preferably at the beginning when you need the legal service, for instance to advise you how to start and run your business to comply with a maze of laws and regulations, to advise you where -home or abroad- and how to set up your company or to draft for you a good contract to secure your interests. Then, our fees will be the best since we would not have to correct your mistakes which is very often more time-consuming for us and more costly for you than if you did not come at the beginning.    

At half-past eight the door opened,
the policeman appeared.