Imrich Marian Vasil

Imrich Vasil founded VASIL & Partners in 2003 and works as an international tax lawyer and business structuring advisor. He helps private clients and businesses to navigate through the maze of international tax, to find for them the best solution and, in particular, a viable business structure when deciding where abroad to set up or expand their business and how to structure it.
The work Imrich loves and the value it brings

He enjoys advising business owners, private clients, entrepreneurs, expat people or digital nomads on different options of taxation abroad and conditions of different countries for doing business. Taking into account your particular needs, but also the wider context of offshore and onshore world, Imrich shows you how to get started your business abroad, where to incorporate it and how your  viable business structure should look like for your business in a foreign country to succeed.

His work brings value to business owners in saved time and money when setting up the business in a “right” country for them.  Imrich enables your business to grow faster by allowing you to focus on doing your business when he with his team assist you in running your foreign company by taking care of all its administrative side.

Imrich’s VASIL & Partners story


“Following my law degree from Comenius University in Bratislava I started practising law in 2001 as an advocate in Slovakia, dealing mostly with commercial and corporate laws cases.


My legal work soon expanded to neighbouring Czech Republic where I have become practising advocate in 2003.   


Being ambitious and eager to learn beyond my home country laws, I went to postgradual study (LLM) to London University (UCL). Inspired by London and its possibilities, I decided to continue with full legal education in the UK to become solicitor and completed a law degree (LLB) at College of Law of England and Wales in 2006. Working closely with renowned tax and accountancy practices in the City of London, I started helping businesses from abroad to enter the UK market, structuring their business in tax-efficient way and assisting with their company formation and management. It didn’t take me long to realise that I like it, that I have found my niche and added other onshore and offshore countries (e.g. Cyprus, Malta, BVI, UAE, Singapore) to my list to provide the above services. Everything fitted together and finally fell into one piece.  


With increased attractiveness  of doing business in UAE, I relocated to Dubai in 2016 to follow the clients interested to set up the business there and discovered whole new world full of opportunities for my international tax work.  


Following the Brexit vote in 2016 and UK companies starting preparing their contingency plans to set up subsidiaries in or relocate to continental Europe, I moved to Cyprus in 2018 to assist the clients to put their plans into reality helping them with company formations and administration. Moreover, I have started dealing with Cyprus international trusts and assisting clients to prepare their succession plans and realise the transfer of family wealth to next generation.

Family Office

Thus, I got the idea to set up multi-family office and VASIL Family Office LLP was born in 2018. I have decided to address, in particular, the needs of successful family businesses in Central Europe which seen substantial growth of wealth over more than 25 years since the fall of Iron Curtain, but where more than 50% of those families do not have any succession plans.”

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