Investment opportunities: Real estate in Dubai

Undoubtedly, buying a property in Dubai is an attractive investment as Dubai real estate market offers a great variety of real estates and some of the most attractive rental yields in the world. Essentially, you can buy your real estate as an individual / natural person or as a legal entity, i.e. your Dubai company can buy Dubai real estate.

Who can buy and own a property in Dubai?
In the nutshell, the options regarding the purchase of real estate in Dubai are as follows: 
• all nationals from over the world can buy and own the property in Dubai,  
• onshore (local) companies incorporated in Dubai can own the property there,  
• free zone companies incorporated in Dubai can buy the property there, 
• offshore RAKICC (Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre) companies can own property in Dubai,
• offshore JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority) companies can own property in Dubai. 

Benefits of buying real estate

Ambitious City in the Move Forward

Dubai is a city in continuous development and constantly aiming for the top. Dubai will always be the home of innovative and awe-inspiring projects.

Demographic Surprises

In 1968 there were only 59.000 people living in Dubai. Fast-forward to 2020 and the number of inhabitants has risen to 3.2 million. This means that there is always demand for new real estate.

No Tax on Your Dubai Property

No matter in which part of the world you buy a real estate, you will be taxed on your purchase, e.g. by paying the property tax. Not in Dubai.

Buy Property & Get Residence Visa

There is a formal procedure to follow, but owning a property in Dubai is a useful sign that you have a serious interest in becoming a UAE resident.

High Rental Yields

Properties in Dubai provide an average yield of 7%. Compare that to New York (2.9%), London (2.7), Singapore (2.5%) or Hong Kong (2.4%) and you see why people buy properties in Dubai.

Stable Economy & Political Situation

Amidst all the unrest in the Middle East, Dubai is an oasis of stability. As a result, the economy has been steadily growing, owing to the success of real estate, tourism,manufacturing and technology.

What types of real estate are possible to invest?

Dubai has a huge range of communities and properties where you can earn a very decent rental income. With a million dirhams in your pocket, you can buy three studio apartments easily in Dubai. These apartments in return can give you an annual income from AED 75 000 (17 400 EUR / 20 500 USD) to AED 100,000 (23 200 EUR / 27 300 USD). Some of the best areas to buy rental properties include International City.

If you are moving to Dubai with your family and want to buy a nice and cozy home, going for a townhouse can be the best option. There is a huge variety of 2 to 4 bedroom townhouses in Dubai. The price for a ready 2BR townhouse can depend on locality and facilities.

You might be someone, who needs a bigger space for family. In this case, buying a villa in Dubai can serve your purpose. Dubai has a huge range of villa communities and no matter wherever you want to live in Dubai, you can find something what matches with your taste. If you want to buy an affordable villa then Dubailand has many developments where you can get best value against your money.

There are multiple communities in Dubai where you can buy a mansion for yourself. Some of the names include, Emirates Hills (Beverly Hills of Dubai), Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Golf Estates, MBR District 1, Dubai Hills Estate, Damac Hills and my all-time favorite Al Barari (The green hub of Dubai).

There are so many holiday homes for very rich people. These people like to come and spend winter season in Dubai (October to April is best time to visit Dubai). If you are also someone who is not going to be living in Dubai throughout the year, there are plenty of options for holiday homes available in Dubai for you.

Dubai is quite famous for making artificial man-made islands. Palm Jumeirah being the most famous of all. Some other island projects include Palm Jabel Ali, Deira Island (old name palm Deira) and Dubai Creek & Harbor. There is another mega project underway in Dubai and it is called World Island. From aerial view, it gives similar view as view of earth from international space station. If you fancy investing in Dubai real estate and buying an island, you can do that in Dubai. Many islands in World Island project are sale and you can be the lucky owner.

For someone who likes to live by the beach, there can be no better option than to buy a private beach house. Palm Jumeirah is the best destination to buy such beach house in Dubai. Not only it is an exclusive living but beach is in your backyard so you can go for a quick swim whenever you want.

Many people ask me that they want to buy a piece of land in Dubai and build their own home. Well, you can do that in Dubai for sure. There are many developments where you can buy plot in Dubai and build a house with your own unique taste. One such example is The Residence in Al Barari District of Dubai.

The best performing real estate sector in Dubai is its off-plan property market. There is always something new and exciting being launched in Dubai. The best thing about off plan properties in Dubai is that, you don’t have to pay all the money together. Developers usually offer very attractive payment plans in Dubai for off plan properties. In many cases, you can buy an off plan property in Dubai, pay in easy monthly/ quarterly installments, take possession and still keep paying remaining balance four to five years after that as well.

There is a huge range of commercial properties for sale in Dubai as well. Whatever kind of commercial property you need, Dubai has it for you. If you are looking for a warehouse, there are designated communities for that. If you are looking for a yard, there are industrial areas where you can buy a yard. You can even buy industrial land to build your manufacturing unit/ plant in Dubai as well. With EXPO 2020 in sight, Dubai is aiming to become industrial hub. There are many locations in Dubai where you can buy commercial or industrial properties e.g. Jabel Ali Industrial Zone, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai Industrial City and Dubai South.

Are you looking to establish your corporate office in Dubai just like many multinational companies? Well, you can buy state of the art offices in Dubai. Business Bay is the main commercial hub here and there are so many options to choose from.

If you are looking to buy your holiday residence in Dubai or invest in affordable prime real estate and achieve strong rental yields, look no further. There has never been a better time to buy a real estate. Now, when prices significantly dropped due to COVID-19, more than ever. Dubai as a king of real estate development and full of opportunities for everyone. We are ready to navigate you in the right direction when buying a property in Dubai, step by step, just contact us!

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