Investment opportunities: Senior Care Houses in Germany

Through dedicated facilities located throughout Germany, we improve the quality of people’s life and help them maintain their independence, self-determination and vitality by providing services for them as their healthcare requirements change.

We create an environment in which comfort and modern architecture are combined with functionality and the correct medical facilities. Through innovation, we meet people’s needs in order to offer the highest quality at every stage of life.

We provide premium apartments for seniors with related services that focus on individual needs and requirements of our residents. It is unique project for senior living, which consists of over the 200 apartments, over the 450 residents and over the 120 employees. In addition, we are ecological. There are 74% renewable energy, 85% of green surfaces for sustainable life.

We focus on uniting human and nature, preserving the environment and protecting our resources. The primary focus is to provide sustainable living solutions for the communities we work in by way of people care resorts and environmentally friendly building products.

Why we decided for Germany?

Germany Population is among the oldest in Europe

It means for investment, there is the largest number of potentional customers who can afford this service. The constant increase of the elderly population in Germany, the increasing life expectancy and the persistently low birth rates explain the growth trend of the nursing home market.

The positive trend of the elderly care

There is a positive growth trend in the elderly care market in Germany. In addition, a significant increase of chronic diseases such as deafness, osteoporosis, pneumonia, diabetes, osteoarthritis and dementia is predicted by 2050. It means stable positive future growth in the medium and long term is anticipated.

Stable funding system

The state provides a Social Long-Term Care Insurance for those that are eligible for social payments. This insurance covers the care needs of the recipient whose financial assets aren’t sufficient to meet the full costs.

Demographic Grown

Development of the number of people over the age of 65 in Germany. Today, 18.2 million people over the age of 65 are in Germany.  According to statistics, in 2040 there will be 23.18 miles of people over the age of 65 in Germany

Parts of care and more information

Dementia Care is a special form of outpatient care and nursing service which enables people with dementia to live their own lives. With this housing concept in mind, 12 people share a large housing facility, each member of the community living in their own room. Its uniqueness lies in a family atmosphere in conjunction with qualified nursing and care-taking staff.

VitaLife is one of the main facilities in our location. Premium housing offering a wide range of services as well as various leisure activities, therapies, cultural and other events. The stylish and well-furnished apartments meet the highest standards.
Assisted living is interesting for elderly people who are still able to cope independently in everyday life and would like to live in their own apartment, but would like to have a long-term support that can be called up at any time. In addition to that residents benefit. Depending on the project and location we offer up to 140 modern and barrier-free, high-quality furnished apartments between 40 m2 and 110 m2.

  • Comprehensive Range of Services
    Our residents are completely independent and, if required, can rely on a range of services that we can arrange at any time. For example, services such as apartment cleaning, everyday errands, escorts to doctors’ visits and private shuttle services, etc. are available at all times.
  • Premium Amenities
    Depending on the location, our facility also has a swimming pool, restaurant, library, fitness room and much more to make everyday life as pleasant and varied as possible.
  • Nursing Service on Site
    In an emergency our Outpatient Care service is just a push of a button away.
  • Extended Care Services
    Depending on the location, there are other facilities in the immediate vicinity like Ultimuv®, Day Care or shared apartments for Dementia and Intensive Care, so that life partners can continue to live together despite different living conditions.
  • Cultural and Leisure activities
    A large number of cultural and leisure activities, sports and events enable our residents to enjoy a varied day and make new contacts so that they feel less alone.

Our CuraLife facility offers continuous care in a family atmosphere. A thoughtful concept caring for residents of all the nursing levels. If people in need of care can no longer be nursed in their own home by their relatives and/or the ambulant nursing service, there is much to be said for continued care in a retirement home. At our locations we offer approx. 80 modern and high-quality furnished single rooms for people in need of care, who enjoy the following advantages with us. In CuraLife we offer the following care services:

  • Long-term Care
    Permanent and comprehensive care in our CuraLife facility. The elderly people are cared for all day and can take part in many events.
  • Short-term Care
    Persons in need of care are entitled to stay 28 days with us per year if, for example, they still need inpatient care after leaving the hospital and are not yet allowed to go home.
  • Preventive Care
    Persons in need of care are also entitled
    to stay 28 days with us per year if, for example, their caring relatives go on holiday or fall ill.

Our Intensive care serves people reliant on intensive care and allows the provision of care outside of the clinic. Intensive care requests special measures of treatment, most focus on ventilation of people in need of care. If mechanical support of the vital functions and all-round care up to 24 hours a day by specially trained specialists is required, a shared living for people in need of intensive care offers a genuine alternative to their own homes or to an inpatient facility.

Our nursing service enables people in need of care to live as long as possible in their home. Due to our comprehensive range of services, we are able to respond specifically to the individual needs of our customers to provide them with the best possible support in their everyday lives. For example, we offer the following services.


Our Locations

We have ambitions to develop 15 locations throughout Germany. In the first stage we are focused on these locations:

  1. Braunschweig
  2. Essen
  3. Kassel
  4. Nurnberg
  5. Regensburg
  6. Wuppertal

Based on relevant information, analyzes, evaluations and selection of sites suitable for project implementation are performed. Individual localities are assessed on the basis of their micro and macro position, catchment area of regions, socio-demographic structure of the local population, statistics of migration of the region’s population, purchasing power of the population and especially on the basis of forecasts of the demographic structure of the population.

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