International tax

Tax is inevitable aspect of our lives. And not just in our home country where we live. Since different countries have differing tax systems, whatever private or business transaction you do outside of your homeland it will have inevitably positive or negative tax consequences for you, your family and your business. This largely depends on you, your preparations and good planning well ahead of such transaction. Maybe you import goods from country X (e.g. China) to country Y (e.g. EU country) and yourself you live in country Z. Then, where should be the best to set up your import-export company in order to achieve positive tax consequences such as tax mitigation and avoid the negative one such as double taxation? Or maybe you live in country A and think of buying  your holiday home abroad. There can be very different tax implications regarding your future home sale or rental income depending on where, in which country you will buy such property now and how you will do it, who will own the property, you, your company or your family trust? 

As we do not always think ahead before we do something, here it is critical to plan ahead your actions and analyse their tax consequences as it can save you a great deal of your money. When you do the transaction and only then think of its tax consequences, it is usually too late and you can often only wait when a taxman knocks on your door asking you to pay tax which could have been otherwise avoided.

Contact us to help you, advise and assist when you are going to make any, even small transaction involving several countries where tax systems of several countries and their effect to your transaction need to be duly considered. You have to be well prepared so we will sit together and find the best solution for you to mitigate your tax. 

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