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Family Office

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Family Office

Do you want your wealth to be preserved, grow further and to be smoothly passed to your family next generation? Think of creating your family office or initially maybe a family holding company.

The purpose of the family office is to protect and preserve your family wealth, actively manage it in order to consistently grow and have a good return on your investments and assets ranging from your family business, shares, bonds, commodities to real estate development, private equity or venture capital investments.

Depending on the specific needs of a particular family, the family office arranges and provides, in-house or externally, for the family members also other services such as financial and tax planning, succession/wealth transfer planning, accounting and management of legal affairs, real estate management, private education, concierge services or philanthropy and charitable donations management.

We are ready and well-equipped to advise you on setting up your own family office, to help you to structure it in the correct way and bring reliable and discreet staff to work with.

Our legal and tax team can advise you on a family succession and find the viable solution for your family wealth to be smoothly transferred to your children.

To assist you to increase your family wealth, we are prepared to regularly present you with attracting investment opportunities, in particular from our private equity, real estate development and venture capital industry partners in different countries we trust and closely work with over the years:

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How we work


Initial Meeting

During our initial introductory meeting or a conference call you will tell us about your matter and what do you expect from us. We will be asking you questions in order to gather information enabling us to correctly establish what do you need and how we can help you regarding setting up your family office, its structure and services required by your family. We work as a team of experienced professionals based in different jurisdictions and capable of advising you in a bespoke manner.

Due Diligence

Before our actual work for you starts we, as a regulated entity, we will run necessary due diligence on you, i.e. know your client (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) screening in order to know who you are and what is your risk profile, in order to decide whether to take you on board as a new client. Following successful due diligence, we will conclude a service contract with you to be a legal basis for providing our advisory services on setting up your family office, or holding company, and its structure. ​

Take Action

Once the due diligence is successfully completed and the service contract concluded between us with the first payment remitted by you, our team will commence providing services in the agreed remit and extent. We will update you about the work in progress and possibly ask additional questions along the way. After our work is done, we will kindly ask you to give us your feedback which is important for our ongoing effort to improve our services.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Family offices are normally private firms that supports wealthy families with the management, organisation and maintenance of their wealth, business, investments and other affairs. The purpose and main task of the family office is to protect and preserve the family wealth for present and future generations and actively manage it in order to grow. More

The prime role of the family office is to protect your assets and then to grow them. Thus, working with the family office is important in order to have a reasonable return on your investments and assets. More

The ideal time to start a family office would be before a liquidity event such as the sale or purchase of a business for which it is good to have structures set up properly to optimise taxation and management of the capital from the start. More

According to industry experts, the family offices make financial sense mainly for wealthy families with at least €50 million in assets, though nowadays, when we see a trend of opening family offices market to less wealthy families. More

It has been acknowledged that there are two basic types of family offices:
1. a single-family office
2. a multi-family office More

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Family Office

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