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At Vasil & Partners we value freedom, as it gives each of us the right to decide according to what we believe is the best for us and our families. It includes the choice of establishing a business, or becoming a resident or citizen in a foreign country, if conditions for doing business and living abroad are better and more favourable for us than in our home country. Reasons can vary and include, for example, lower taxes, more security or better healthcare system. If you share the same value of freedom, you are in the right place.

As legal experts regulated in several countries with international experience spanning over 20 years, we are committed to guiding you to the best decision where and how to set up and structure your business, your family office or to become a resident/citizen, so your life is better and you thrive. Our agile team is available 24/7 to form your company abroad, advise you on your family office set-up and structure and assist you with becoming a resident or citizen of your new country of choice. 

Experts with law background

Law guides us in all we do. We respect and breath it truly.

20 Years of International experience

Jurisdictions vary so we build on our global experience.

Personal Network of local trusted advisors

Your matter will be solved by local experts.

Flexible and agile team

Your particular case will be managed with flexibility and agility.

Our team

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Marian Vasil

International Tax & Business Structuring Expert
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Andrea Vasilova

Corporate Lawyer & Accounting Specialist
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