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Residency & Citizenship

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Residency & Citizenship

Are you not content with high taxes or the healthcare system in your country? Do you wish to live in a place with better security and better education for your children? Enjoy your pension life in more sunny country than you currently live? Or do you want to become a digital nomad working on a beach in a low tax country? In today's internationally global world it is possible more than ever. You do not have to subject yourself and your family the fate of living where you happened to be born.

You can choose to expand your freedom and secure a better life for yourself and your close ones. By acquiring an alternative residency or citizenship in a country such as the UK, Dubai, Portugal, Costa Rica, Panama, The Cayman Islands, Vanuatu, Malta or Cyprus.  We are here, ready to help you to decide on the right place for you and your family’s needs and to assist you with respective process and procedures. Contact us 24/7.

Residencies where you are treated the best


Are you interested in becoming a resident of UAE?
Let's read UAE investor residency in Dubai.


Are you interested in becoming a resident of Cyprus?
Let's read about the benefits of 60 Day Rule Residency.


Are you interested in becoming a resident of Bahamas?
Let's check the benefits of the temporary residency.

Costa Rica

Are you interested in becoming a resident of Costa Rica?
There are 3 different variants to choose from.

How we work


Initial Meeting

During our initial introductory meeting or a conference call we will discuss your matter and how we can help you. We will ask you reasons for considering residency and/or citizenship of other country to enable us to correctly address your specific needs and provide you with our expertise regarding your new residency and/or citizenship. We work as a team of experienced professionals based in different jurisdictions and will advise you in a bespoke manner.

Due Diligence

Before starting providing our services to you, we, as a regulated entity, will run necessary due diligence on you, i.e. know your client (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) screening in order to know who you are and what is your risk profile, in order to decide whether to take you on board as a new client. Following successful due diligence, we will conclude a service contract with you, to be served as a legal basis for providing our expert services.

Take Action

Once the due diligence is successfully completed and the service contract concluded with the first payment remitted by you, our team will commence its work regarding your residency and/or citizenship. We will update you about the work in progress and possibly ask additional questions along the way. After our work is done, we will kindly ask you to give us your feedback which is important for our ongoing effort to improve our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family offices are normally private firms that supports wealthy families with the management, organisation and maintenance of their wealth, business, investments and other affairs. The purpose and main task of the family office is to protect and preserve the family wealth for present and future generations and actively manage it in order to grow.


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Residency & Citizenship

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