Who we are

VASIL & Partners is a law firm specialising in international tax law and the formation and management of onshore and offshore companies and other structures in various jurisdictions for our clients.

We represent high net worth individuals and their families, entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses of all sizes on a discrete basis offering comprehensive advice on matters relating to their tax affairs, business transactions and real estate with focus on cross- border issues.

VASIL & Partners works very closely with associated partners in onshore and offshore locations and has extensive experience in co-ordinating overseas advice and the creation and administration of
tax-efficient structures for its clients.

Our goal is to help clients to do business internationally and get deals done. In most efficient way.

International tax law

  • International Tax and Estate Planning

    plan your tax affairs and actively use various tax planning tools available inside and outside of your home country

  • International Business Structuring

    utilise differences in tax rates and laws of different countries and do business globally, we assist you to structure it in the most tax-efficient and at the same time the compliant way

  • Wealth Protection

    to protect your wealth is often more challenging than to acquire it, we help you to preserve your wealth so that it can be enjoyed by the next generation of your family

Private client

  • Changes of Personal Residence

    by moving from your home country and changing your tax residence you can substantially improve your overall tax liability

  • Investor and Citizenship Programmes

    consider possibilities of getting passport (e.g. Malta, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda) or becoming tax resident (e.g. Cyprus, UAE) in low tax jurisdiction and pay less tax

  • Taxation of Sportsmen and Entertainers

    besides performance related income exploit your image rights, endorsements, sponsorships, merchandising contracts to mitigate your tax

Corporate and Commercial law

  • Intellectual Property Rights Transactions

    protect and utilise potential of your intellectual property, we assist you in trade mark, patent, copyright, design, know how registration and royalties and license fees optimisation

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    we can assist you in buying, selling, dividing, combining, restructuring or consolidation of different companies and similar entities in most tax-efficient way

  • Private Equity and Hedge funds

    choose from several types and categories of investment funds to minimise tax leakage and maximise your returns, we can help you with set-up and assembling a team (fund administrator, fund manager, prime broker, custodian, auditor, lawyers, bankers) suitable to your commercial needs

Property law

  • International Real Estate

    different countries offer various options how to own property often coupled with beneficial tax regime, diversify your property portfolio and find your favourite property abroad

  • Commercial and Residential Property Acquisitions and Disposals

    we will assist you in buying and selling your property in your home country and abroad

  • Real Estate Holding Structures

    upgrade your portfolio of real estates by utilising benefits of REITs and real estate funds

Company formation and administration

To form a company in low tax country can be used to mitigate tax since residents of high tax countries may arrange for profits to be attributed to such company.

We set up and administer companies, partnerships and other structures which are tailor-made to circumstances of our clients. We provide and arrange for corporate, accounting, tax and legal services, audit, bank account opening assistance, business advisory and administrative services. By managing client’s companies in different countries we facilitate cross-border business of our clients thus enable them to focus solely on their business.

Furthermore, related services such an intellectual property registration, raising funds for start-up projects, project management, ship and yacht registration and charitable giving advice are important part of our comprehensive service.

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