International Tax Law Firm

Offshore & Onshore

Welcome to Vasil & Partners.  If you want to establish or expand your business in a foreign country in the way that works and also fees good then you have come to the right place.

To choose the best jurisdiction for your business, you need to consider its tax advantages, think of its reputation, find reliable bank to work with, also skilled accountants and admin support team. And this is just the beginning. No worries, we would love to show you how to do it and how to make your business abroad fly.


Law Firm

First and foremost, we are lawyers and we are proud of it, proud that we can help You.

Do you need help in setting up your business? drafting really good contract or reviewing the existing one? be represented in court by the lawyer to fight for you? buying a house or apartment with no unpleasant surprises? help with GDPR? or protecting your trademark? And do you want to know how to do it by the best possible way for you?


Family Office

We are good listeners. We listen carefully to Your wishes, Your wider personal needs and Your family affairs. 

Do you need assistance in investing so that your family wealth will consistently increase despite bad years? in protecting your wealth by setting up your family trust or private family foundation? buying the holiday home abroad? going for unforgettable holiday tailored-made just for you? preparing your business for passing it over to your children?


International tax law firm. Offshore & Onshore