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Marian Vasil

The work and the value

Marian enjoys advising business owners and creative entrepreneurs on structuring their business home and abroad in a tax efficient way, setting up their family office and advising on conditions in different countries for getting residency and citizenship. Taking into account your particular needs, but also the wider context of today’s global world, Marian shows you how to get started with your business abroad, with your family office, and how your viable business structure and family office should look like for your business to succeed and your family to thrive over more than one generation. His work brings added value to business owners and their families, as he will help you to grow and protect your family wealth by setting up and structuring your business and family office in the right way and in the right country.

Marian leads Vasil & Partners, a boutique law firm and advisory company with experienced  professionals helping you to set up your offshore and onshore company in almost 21 countries, form your family office or become a resident or citizen in a country of choice with a favourable  tax regime and high standard of living.

Vasil & Partners delivers you comprehensive legal, accounting, advisory and corporate services. 

Marian Vasil

Founding Partner

Overview and experience

Marian Vasil works as an international tax lawyer and business structuring advisor. He helps individuals and businesses to navigate through the maze of international tax, to find the best solution and, in particular, a viable business structure when deciding where abroad to set up or expand their business and how to structure it. Then, with his team he sets up your foreign company and administer it for you.

Marian has following life story to tell you:

Bratislava And Prague

“It all started in Slovakia where I was born. Following my law degree from Comenius University I started practising law on my own in 2001 as an advocate in Slovakia, dealing mostly with commercial and corporate laws cases. My legal work soon expanded to neighbouring Czech Republic, where I became a practising advocate in 2006.


Being ambitious and eager to learn, I went to London. Inspired by its possibilities I completed a Bachelor law degree (LLB) at the College of Law of England and Wales and Master of Laws (LLM) at London University (UCL). Working closely with renowned tax and accountancy practices in the City of London, I started helping businesses from abroad to enter the UK market, structuring their business in tax-efficient way and assisting with their onshore and offshore company formations and management. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had found my niche and expanded my services into other onshore and offshore countries (e.g. Malta, BVI, UAE, Hong Kong).


With increased attractiveness of doing business in UAE, I set up our advisory company in Dubai in 2016 to cater for our clients interested in setting up their businesses in MENA region and Africa and discovered whole new world full of opportunities for my international tax work.


Following on from the Brexit vote in 2016 when UK companies started preparing their contingency plans to set up subsidiaries in or relocate to continental Europe, I opened a company in Cyprus in 2018. The main purpose was to assist our clients putting their plans into reality by helping them with company formations and administration, but also assisting those clients interested in becoming tax residents in Cyprus.”

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